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All about the Dividend-Alarm Strategy and how it works

Here you can find everything you have to know about our strategy.


The Dividend-Alarm strategy is made for long-term oriented Investors. By combining buy phases and buy signals you will get high return of investment rates. The is designed for long-term Buy & Hold investors.

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Have a look over 375 stocks out of 18 countries which the Dividend-Alarm is currently supervising. We look for companies with high market cap and good dividends history. The stocks will gradually be expanded at the request of our members.

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The first important point of our strategy is the Dividend-Alarm indicator. Its analysing the market and it shows the expensive (red signal) and cheap (green signal) dividend stocks. This indicator oscillates between 3 phases. Buy, Hold and Sell.

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The second important point of our strategy are the triggers. Every stock can oscillate between 3 phases like the indicator. Buy, sell and neutral Signal. You will get the best results in the buying phase.

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The idea of rebalancing is that you have to sell expensive stocks which generates a sell signal and invest in stocks with a cheap pricelevel which generates a buy signal.

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The target of the Dividend-Alarm strategy is to beat the market (Dow Jones, NASDAQ, DAX and DJ Euro Stoxx 50) on a 12 month time Basis. Receive short practical insights into our dividend strategy.

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There is a column for the signal level in the weekly signal evaluations for the dividend alarm members. We explain what means the signal level for you and how you can use it in the practice in this blog article. In the weekly signal evaluations…
Among other things we speak on our dividend alarm side about a Trailing stop order in many articles and explanations. Instead of buying or selling a share directly it is recommended to trade with a trailing stop order during purchase and sales…
The Dividend-Alarm strategy follows specific rules and approaches. The more one orientates oneself to this, the more successful is the long-term performance. It is important to understand that the Dividend-Alarm consists of the interplay of…

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