Thank you for your interest in the Dividend-Alarm. The Dividend-Alarm strategy follows an easy-to-implement approach. The indicator shows you in which phase the market is in and the calculated signals help you to find companies that are undervalued.

On our website you will find a lot of information and details you need to know as a future member. We explain the procedure of our strategy and show you the individual contents and evaluations that await you as a member. If you are already and how we want to invest your money in the future, then we look forward to acting together in the future anti-cyclically.

Our request to you: Read the individual explanations of the Dividend-Alarm strategy on our site. You should also have read the further contents in our newsletter before placing an order. Don’t order the dividend alert membership until you understand our procedure and have no more basic questions!

Information about your membership

Everything you need to know about your membership and its contents is listed here. Please inform yourself about the contents and write us if necessary your questions before conclusion of your membership.

  • 4-part email series: Before you start, sign up for our free newsletter and start with the 4-part email series
  • Dividend-Alarm Indicator: The indicator is evaluated daily and updated regularly in the member area, while the indicator phase is updated daily.
  • Dividend alarm signals: The signal evaluation always takes place weekly on Wednesdays – example evaluation
  • Rebalancing Options:The rebalancing evaluation always takes place on Wednesdays every week – example evaluation
  • personal e-mail support: You have questions regarding the selection of signals? You want to know how to evaluate the current indicator phase? Then use the personal e-mail support and write us
  • No subscription and no automatic renewal: Your membership only runs for 12 months and then ends. We will contact you in time for a non-binding extension option.
  • Lifetime warranty: We guarantee that you will not have to expect a price increase in the future when renewing your membership.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Service break: Four weeks in summer and over the turn of the year (mid-December – mid-January) we pause with the signal and rebalancing evaluations. We take advantage of the quiet times on the stock exchange and also take a holiday. In the background, we continue to monitor the markets and our stocks. Once a purchase or sale phase has been identified, we immediately inform our members and update the Dividend-Alarm indicator daily.

After your order As soon as we have received your order for your membership, we will open a member account for you. We will send you your username and password. You can use it to register on the Member-Login page. After the successful login you will already see the current Dividend-Alarm indicator as well as the evaluations for the signals and the rebalancing. The next day we will send you some information to help you get started.

Order Dividend-Alarm membership for 12 months
  • Provision of the above Dividend-Alarm contents
  • Special newsletter for purchase and sales phases
  • Membership has a term of 12 months
  • No subscription and no automatic renewal
  • Lifetime warranty: No price increase in the future

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