Among other things we speak on our dividend alarm side about a Trailing stop order in many articles and explanations. Instead of buying or selling a share directly it is recommended to trade with a trailing stop order during purchase and sales phases of the dividend alarm indicator. We recommend this to maximize the yield of our strategy.

With the order art Trailing Stop one can usually order his shares at better introductory rates, let profits work automated and is also able to limit his losses. Trailing stops offer important advantages and are suitable just for long-term dividend investors.

When a share has obtained a standard so that one would like to buy, he would log into its online depository and simply buy the share itself. One quite simply grasp at the current share prices. Nowadays the stock brooking is considerably volatile and multilayered, so that they are often better entry points when one still thought at the purchase. To not have to watch the market permanently, there are many different order types and order additions meanwhile. Read more